‘Share the emotion’

For decades art and antique dealers have been trying to grab the attention of readers, by advertising their name, goods and galleries always in an similar way. The ads contain the photo of an object, or the view of a stand or gallery, a description of the shown object and the dealers name and address details.

We at Aronson’s have also been stuck in the same way of thinking with regard to printed ads. Although we tried to be innovative by writing the text in the picture or by cutting the object in order to make things a little more mysterious, in essence things never changed. Until we started to ask ourselves what we would like to put across in an ad. What is the most important thing when it comes to buying or selling art ? It’s the emotion !


© 2007-2008 ‘share the emotion,’ ‘share the excitement’ and the Dutch version ‘deel de emotie’ are under copyright of Aronson Antiquairs of Amsterdam | Since 1881 - above: our advertisement in the Architectural Digest of January 2008.